Katrin Schoof – Art Direction, Design

Katrin Schoof is working since several years in artisitc and creative contexts with cultural organizations, artists, as well as clients of public, private or commercial institutions.

The contemporary, flexible working structure of her office consists of a highly qualified network. whose members are: Katja Kruckow (design, typographie), Brigit Zschunke (design, typographie), Sebatsian Luhdo (Animation), Judith Miller (design), Robert Siegel (programming, Mac-support), Gernot Tscherteu (Konzept, App-Entwicklung), Dirk Woywodt (design, programming),

We structure, design and realize communicationprojects and information design. We design and program website and apps as well as databases, on- or offline. We advise in the whole context of communication. We design corporate identities and realize them. We design classical print, such as flyer, broschure, posters, books etc. We have a long experience in making good-looking, clear and well organized designstuff.